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Stomach Curing Formula, 80 ct, Dr. Shen's
Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's, Stomach Curing Formula, 80 ct

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This herbal formula is a fixture in most Chinese herb cabinets, and a must for world travelers.

Traditional Uses: Reduces food stagnation, Sends rebellious stomach Qi downwards, Clears Heat, Dries Dampness.


80 tabs

Suggested Use

Adults: 2 to 4 tabs as needed, every three or four hours.


  • Costus Root (Saussureae Radix - Mu Xiang) - Moves the Qi, Dissipates stagnant intestinal Qi, Alleviates Pain. Constituents: aplotaxene, a-ionone, b-seline, saussurealactone, costunolide, camphnene, phellandrene
  • Angelica Root (Angelica Dahurica, Bai Zhi) - Expels Wind, Releases Surface, Alleviates Pain, Reduces Swelling, Expels Dampness and Alleviates DischargeAngelical, byakangelicol, imperatorin
  • Medicated Leaven (Massa Fermentata, Shen Qu) - Dissolves Food,Transforms Accumulations, Aides Digestion. Constituents: yeast, glycosides, vitamin B
  • Mint Leaf (Mentha Folium, Bo He) - Frees Constrained Qi, Clears the Head and Eyes, Disperses Wind Heat. Constituents: menthol,camphene, limonene, pulegone
  • Citrus Peel (Citri Rubrum Exocarpum, Chen Pi) - Moves the Qi, Strengthens Spleen, Dries Dampness, Directs the QiDownward, Prevents Stagnation. Constituents: llimoline,isopropenyltoluene, elemene, copanene, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C
  • Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemomi Flos, Ju Hua) - Disperses Wind, Clears Heat from the Eyes, Pacifies the Liver. Constituents: Adenine, choline, stachydrine, Vitamin B1
  • Ornamental Orchid (Gastrodia Rhiz, Tian Ma) - Pacifies the Liver, Extiguishes Wind, Alleviates Pain, Disperses Painful Obstruction. Constituents: vannillyl, vanillin, alkaloids, vitamin A
  • Hoelin Mushroom (Poria Cocos, Fu Ling) - Quiets the Heart, Calms the Spirit, Harmonizes the Middle, Strengthens Stomach/Spleen. Constituents: B-pachyman, tumulosic acid, 3B-hydtoxylanosta-7, chitin, protein, lecithin
  • Job's Tears (Coicis Semen, Yi Yi Ren) - Leaches our dampness, Strengthens Stomach/Spleen, Clears Damp Heat, Reduces Diarrhea. Constituents: coixol, coixenolide, vitamin B1, leuciine,lysine
  • Magnolia Bark (Magnolia Cortex, Hou Po) - Moves the Qi, Transforms Dampness, Resolves Stagnation, Directs Rebellious Qi Downward. Constituents: magnolol, iso-magnolol, honokiol, machilol, eudesmol
  • Patchouli (Agastach Pogostemi, Huo Xiang) - Transforms Dampness, Releases the Exterior, Harmonizes the Center, Expells Dampness. Constituents: Methylchaviocol, anethole, anisaldehyde, d-limonene
  • White Atractylodis (Atractylodis Rx, Bai Zhu) - Benefits the Qi, Stabilizes the Exterior, Strengthens the Spleen, Dries Dampness. Constituents: atractylol, atractylon, vitamin A
  • Rice Sprout (Oryzae Germinantus - Gu Ya) - Dissolves Food Stagnation, Strengthens Stomach. Constituents: amylase, vitamin B
  • Kudzu Root (Pueraria Radix, Ge Gen) - Clears Heat, Releases Muscles of Upper Body, Nourishes Fluids. Constituents: Puerarin, puerarin-xyloside, daidzin, B-sitosterol

About Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's produces a line of popular Chinese herbal formulas in FDA inspected, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved plants located in the U.S. Dr. Shen's uses the finest grades of herbs, importing them whole rather than as a powder in order to assess all ingredients for authenticity and quality. All herbs undergo laboratory inspection and contain no dyes, animal products or unlisted ingredients.


California Proposition 65 Warning - This product contains a chemical or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. (For details on Dr. Shen's manufacturing processes and testing procedures seeDr. Shen's Proposition 65 FAQs).


Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements on this website and all affiliates have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care practitioner.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Curing pills are one of the top items in my first aid kit

I’ve been using this product for many years and it has never failed. Always reliable and the best ingredients.
And, it’s amazing as a remedy for jet-lag.

Maureen E. Kowsky
Stomach Curing

This used to be called Curing Pill & was easily available & cheaper. I really appreciate that you still sell it but wish it were cheaper. It is a god send when needed.

Lynette Wright
Great herbs

I’ve been able to get off gas x, all indigestion and pied is med’s. This is a a great stomach herb. Makes everything go down and makes stomach feel flatter.

Cathy Wehrly
Great product

We keep these bottles in all of our vehicles as well as the house. They work so well.