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Jade Dragon, Seasonal Allergies, 200 ct
Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon, Seasonal Allergies, 200 ct

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Traditionally used for wind and seasonal health.


200 ct

Suggested Use

8 pills, 3 times daily.


Xin Yi Hua (Magnolia Flower) Magnolia spp.; Flos 14.00%
Qiang Huo (Notopterygium Root) Notopterygium spp;Rhizoma seuRadix 12.00%
Bai Zhi (Fragrant Angelica Root) Angelica dahurica; Radix 9.00%
Cang Er Zi (Xanthium Fruit) Xanthium sibiricum; Fructus 9.00%
Chuan Xiong (Sichuan Lovage Root) Ligusticum chuanxiong; Radix 9.00%
Fang Feng (Siler) Saposhnikovia divaricata; Radix 9.00%
Gao Ben (Chinese Lovage Root) Ligusticum spp.; Radix 9.00%
Man Jing Zi (Chaste Tree Fruit) Vitex spp.; Fructus 9.00%
Sheng Ma - Lu (Chinese Cimicifuga Rhizome) Cimicifuga foetida; Rhizoma 9.00%
Gan Cao (Licorice Root) Glycyrrhiza spp.; Radix 6.00%
Gui Zhi (Cassia Twig) Cinnamomum cassia; Ramulus 5.00%

About Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon Classical Formulas are made with herbs gathered from the fields and forests of China. These traditional formulas have proven effective through the centuries and are now produced at our G.M.P. certified facility in China and laboratory tested in the U.S. for safety and purity.

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