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Single Herbs

Single Herb Ordering Guidelines 

    • Chinese Herbs Direct offers Single Raw Herbs in three forms WHOLE HERBS - consisting of the actual whole, single, raw herb (i.e. fruit, stem, root, flower, mineral, etc.), HERBAL POWDERS - consisting of single raw herbs ground into a powder, and 5:1 CONCENTRATED EXTRACT POWDERS - consisting of whole single herbs and herbal formulas processed into a powder extract that is 5 times more concentrated than raw Herbal Powder. 
    • Whole Herbs, Herbal Powders and 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders are offered as a convenience for professional herbalists and those customers who have the experience and knowledge necessary to safely prepare their own formulas. For the vast majority of our customers, we recommend you choose one of our hundreds of prepackaged, traditional formulas available in tabs, caps or teas rather than preparing your own formula using raw herbs. You can search for every formula in our store which contains a particular herb by using our Search Tool. For best results, if the herb name consists of more than one word, you should enclose the entire herb name in quotes when using the Search Tool. 
    • Unlike the prepared formulas, tabs and teas we sell, our Single Herb products (Whole Herbs, Herbal Powders and 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders) DO NOT include usage information. Chinese Herbs Direct is unable to provide any guidance on the preparation, usage or usage of Whole Herbs, Herbal Powders and 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders. For any questions on these items, we ask that you consult a licensed herbalist or health care provider BEFORE you place your order. 
    • In order to offer the freshest raw herbs possible, we do not maintain a regular inventory of most Whole Herbs, Herbal Powders and 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders in our warehouse. You should therefore expect to wait an additional 5-7 days (beyond normal delivery times) for your order to be shipped. Available products are updated regularly, but occasionally we may be out of stock of a raw herb product - in which case we will notify you and issue a corresponding credit to your account. 
    • Whole Herbs, Herbal Powders and 5:1 Concentrated Extract Powders are guaranteed to be fresh and of the highest quality available. However, due to the specialized nature of these Single Raw Herbs, we are unable to offer our normal guarantee beyond freshness and quality. We will be unable to guarantee refunds for these specific line of products due to ordering the wrong herb, changing your mind, etc.