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What are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese herbs have been utilized in Asian cultures for over 5,000 years. The fundamental idea of living in harmony with nature and the environment forms the basis for the use of Chinese herbs as well as the traditional Chinese approach to health. Knowledge of the healing power of Chinese herbs and herbal remedies has been passed down from generation to generation, and today represents one of China’s greatest gifts to mankind.

The isolation of China throughout history plays a role in the general lack of understanding about Chinese herbs by other world civilizations. However, since the opening of China in 1972, knowledge of the ancient healing powers of Chinese herbs has been gradually spreading to western countries. Chinese herbs are now experiencing a rapid increase in usage and popularity. Health-conscious consumers are concerned about the concentration of synthetic chemicals in western diets and the general environment. Chinese herbs are being welcomed by progressive western consumers who are seeking natural, healthy and balanced alternative remedies.

Traditional Chinese Herbs are very different from the western scientific approach we are accustomed to. Chinese health experts promote a healthful balance of yin and yang – two forces present in all of nature. When yin or yang forces or qi/energy levels are off-balance in the body and spirit, health problems arise. Chinese herbs and herbal remedies are used to help realign an individual’s yin or yang balance in order to improve overall well-being. Chinese herbal formulas include hundreds of popular organic ingredients that work in harmony to produce the desired effects in a person’s body. These ingredients are primarily of plant origin, and may include roots, bark, seeds, flowers and leaves. Each organic ingredient typically has unique characteristics (i.e. yin/yang balancing, qi/energy boosting, etc.) that are reinforced and harmonized in comprehensive ancient Chinese herbal formulas that have been passed down through the years. For each formula sold at Chinese Herbs Direct, we provide a brief description of the formula itself and its typical actions, as well as a listing of the formula’s herbal ingredients and their unique characteristics.

The study of Chinese herbs centers on the proposition that many organic substances have beneficial health powers. Indeed, this is a fundamental tenet of not just Chinese herbalism, but the Western approach to healthy living as well. Popular Western remedies ranging from common aspirin to modern scientific treatments have their roots in organic substances. Western healthcare is finally beginning to acknowledge its debt to Chinese herbs, noting that the effectiveness of many modern remedies was originally demonstrated by Chinese herbalists centuries ago. Nonetheless, Chinese herbs should be viewed only as a supplement to western healthcare, and not as a replacement. Chinese herbs emphasize harmony and duality, and this is well-represented by the increasing cooperation between practitioners of Traditional Chinese Herbalism and their counterparts in the western health establishment. Please note that all products on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA, are sold in the US as nutritional supplements and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem.

Chinese Herbs Direct® offers ready-made Chinese patent formulas to address common health and nutritional concerns. Our Chinese herbs are manufactured by world-class laboratories under the strictest GMP standards. Our products are typically offered as pre-mixed Chinese herbal formulas - no special measuring, mixing or decocting skills are required (with the exception of certain extract powders and raw herbs available under special order). The herbal remedies distributed through Chinese Herbs Direct are intended for consumers seeking specific nutritional supplements and formulas based on their own research. Chinese Herbs Direct does not evaluate patients or offer individual health advice. Please consult your physician, licensed acupuncturist or herbalist knowledgeable in Chinese herbs to decide if these products may be useful and appropriate for you.

We look forward to sharing the wonders of Chinese herbs with you.