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5 Chinese Herbal Formulas for Stress

5 Chinese Herbal Formulas for Stress

Stress affects an extremely high population around the United States. The effects of stress range from minor to severe symptoms suffered in the long term. It is vital to address stress early before things escalate. Stress is known to cause contribute to joint and muscle pain and impaired cognitive function if left untreated. Herbal formula have been long used to support body harmony and minimize the effects of stress on people.

For over 2,000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine has produced formulas to combat stress.  TCM's core tenets stem from a belief in the original creation and dichotomy of yin and yang (earth and sky). It defines the opposite things in nature such as day and night, winter and summer, as well as hot and cold. The dynamic manifestations restore harmony between these opposites in their fundamental sense. Chinese herbal formulas act to enhance recuperative powers of immunity to preserve your normal condition, which aids in overall stress relief.

Here are some of the most important Chinese herbs, which have stood the taste of time in fighting stress and preserving body harmony.


Ginseng is considered the king of all Chinese herbs because it has the ability treat a wide variety of conditions. The herb includes an abundance of helpful compounds, which have been tested and proved vital for the support of brain function. It is popularly taken as a tea in China but can also be served in capsules or tablets to be used as a supplement. Ginseng is recommended for daily use to help with a wide range of issues including:

  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Stimulating blood circulation in your body
  • Replenishing vital energy for overall body's performance
  • Replenishing the sexual vitality in both women and men
  • Normalizing of the body systems even while under stress
  • Increasing the ability to learn and memorize
  • Improving your mental and physical capacity to perform your duties

Dong Quai

This is an equally popular herb, which is termed the 'queen of herbs'. It is also one of  the most sought after around the world, but still remains popular and used widely. As many as 500 million Chinese women are believed to be regular users of dong quai. It is used to regulate periods and boost reproductive organs. It is also an important part of stress reduction, especially for women in their premenstrual period. This herb is so common that it is often cooked in soup or rice dishes in many Asian homes. It may also be recommended for the maintenance of normal blood pressure, lung support, blood health and many other issues. Dong quai is present in teas, supplements and a variety of foods.


Schisandra is locally referred to as Wu Wei Zi (five flavored berries). The berry has an overall salty taste, but the skin and pulp of the fruit are both sour and sweet, while the kernels are pungent and bitter. Ancient Chinese stories say that it can lengthen the years without aging. It is commonly used by athletes to retain their vitality and endurance. It is also capable of fighting fatigue, especially under physical stress. Other uses include male sexual booster and to increase treadmill run time. Schisandra berries are popular for their taste and may be taken in many forms, such as raw herbs, teas or supplements.

Ho Shou Wu

Ho Shou Wu (also known as He Shou Wu), or Fo-Ti is another superior Chinese herb used to manage stress. It is also used to support normal cholesterol and cardiac activity. The anti-stress properties of Ho Shou Wu are believed to contribute to it's traditional reputation as a tonic for aging and gray hair.  He Shou Wu may be taken as a daily supplement, but is not recommended over long periods.


This is a reliable energy booster which also acts to restore the strength of the immune system for long-term health and resiliency. It has been used effectively to combat fatigue and to increase adaption to stress levels. As an immune-enhancing herb, it is thought to amplify the effectiveness of immune functions, as it improves the body's overall health levels. 

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