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ColdStop, 15 ct, Dr. Shen's
Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's, ColdStop, 15 ct

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Used at the first sign or during the first two days of cold or flu. Also used when exposed, or likely to be exposed to cold or flu. Disperses wind heat, clears heat, relieves toxicity.


15 tabs, 750mg


At the first sign of Cold or Flu: Take six caps immediately, then four every four hours for the rest of the day. If symptoms persist, continue to take four every four hours. If symptoms persist beyond the second day, switch to Dr. Shen's Zong Gan Ling.

For Prevention: Take three tabs every four hours when exposed to cold or flu.

Children: Use one tablet for each 25 lbs. of body weight. Crush and mix with food.

The course of treatment is a minimum of one day and a maximum of one week per episode. Bed rest during the hours of administration, if possible, is a plus.


This formula was first published in the Wen Bing Tiao Bian (Systematic Differentiation of Warm Diseases) by Dr. Wu Ju Tong in the year 1798.


  • Honeysuckle, also known as Jin Yin Hua orLonicera flos - Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins, Expels Externally Contracted Wind Heat
  • Forsythia, known as Lian Qiao orForsythia Suspensa Fructus - Expels Contracted Wind Heat, Clears Heat, Cleans Toxins
  • Balloon Flower, known as Jie Geng orPlatycodi Grandiflori Radix - Transforms Cold Phlegm, Circulates Lung Energy, Benefits the Throat, Directs the Action of Other Herbs Upwards.
  • Peppermint, known as Bo He orMenthe Herba - Disperses Wind Heat, Clears the Head and Eyes and Benefits the Throat
  • Edible Burdock, known as Niu Bang Zi orArctium Lappa - Detoxifies Fire Poison, Disperses Wind Heat and Benefits the Throat
  • Crested Grass, known as Dan Zhu Ye orLophatheri Gracilis - Releases the Exterior, Disperses Wind Heat, Lessens Irritability, Relieves Thirst
  • Schizonepeta, known as Jing Jie orSchizonepeta Tenuifolia - Releases Exterior, Expels Wind Cold and Wind Heat
  • Fermented Soy Bean, known as Dan Dou QiSojae Praeparatum Semen - Releases the Exterior for both Cold and Hot Exterior Conditions, Alleviates Irritability
  • Chinese Licorice root also known as Gan Cao Glycyrrhiza Uranelsis Radix - Tonifies the Spleen, Benefits the Qi, Detoxifies Fire Poisons, Moderates and Harmonizes Other Herbs.

About Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's produces a line of popular Chinese herbal formulas in FDA inspected, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved plants located in the U.S. Dr. Shen's uses the finest grades of herbs, importing them whole rather than as a powder in order to assess all ingredients for authenticity and quality. All herbs undergo laboratory inspection and contain no dyes, animal products or unlisted ingredients.


California Proposition 65 Warning - This product contains a chemical or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. (For details on Dr. Shen's manufacturing processes and testing procedures seeDr. Shen's Proposition 65 FAQs).


Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements on this website and all affiliates have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care practitioner.

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