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Free & Easy Formula, 200 ct, Dr. Shen's
Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's, Free & Easy Formula, 200 ct

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When under stress, qi (energy) tightens in your chest. This protective reaction is triggered by by events in our life or events in our memory.

Dr. Shen's Free and Easy Pill reduces feelings of stress by helping to release tension in the chest. Based on a 900 year old formula, It uses bupleurum (chai hu) and other natural substances to relieve chest constraint and to promote the free flow of Qi in the chest.

Dr. Shen's Free and Easy Pill is also known as Rambling Powder. The formula was first published in the Imperial Grace Formulary of the Tai Ping era (1078-1085 AD).This formula can also be used together with other herbs or formulae when stress or Liver heat is an aggrevating factor.

Also known as xiao yao, xiaoyao, hsiao yao, or shao yao wan


200 tabs


  • Hare's Ear Root (Bupleurum / Chai Hu) - Relaxes Constrained Qi, Releases Exterior. Contains bupleurumol, adonitol, spinasterol, oleic acid.
  • White Peony Root (Paeonia / Bai Shao) - Pacifies the Liver, Nourishes Blood. Contains paeoniflorin, paeonol,paeonin, triterpenoids.
  • Tang Gui Root (Angelica / Dang Gui) - Harmonizes the Blood, Tonifies Blood. Contains butylidene phthalide, n-valerophenone,vitamin B12, carotene, B-sitosterol.
  • Hoelin Fungus (Poria Cocos Sclerotum / Fu Ling) - Quiets the Heart, Calms the Spirit, Harmonizes the Middle, Strengthens Spleen. Contains B-pachyman, tumulosic acid, 3B-hydtoxylanosta-7, chitin, protein, lecithin.
  • White Atractylodis (Atractylodis / Bai Zhu) - Benefits the Qi, Stabilizes the Exterior, Strengthens the Spleen, Dries Dampness. Contains atractylol, atractylon, vitamin A.
  • Ginger (Zinzeberis / Sheng Jiang) - Releases the Exterior, Disperses Cold, Adjusts the Nutritive and Protective. Contains Qizingiberol, zingiberene, phellandrene, camphene, albizzine, cureumene, gingerol.
  • Chinese Licorice Root (Glycyrrhizae / Gan Cao) - Harmonizes other Herbs, Clears Heat, Cleanses Fire Poison, Benefits the Qi. Contains glycyrrhizic acid, uralenic acid, loquiitigenin.
  • Mint Leaf (Mentha Folium / Bo He) - Frees Constrained Qi, Clears the Head and Eyes, DispersesWind Heat. Contains menthol,camphene, limonene, pulegone.

About Dr. Shen's

Dr. Shen's produces a line of popular Chinese herbal formulas in FDA inspected, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) approved plants located in the U.S. Dr. Shen's uses the finest grades of herbs, importing them whole rather than as a powder in order to assess all ingredients for authenticity and quality. All herbs undergo laboratory inspection and contain no dyes, animal products or unlisted ingredients.


California Proposition 65 Warning - This product contains a chemical or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. (For details on Dr. Shen's manufacturing processes and testing procedures seeDr. Shen's Proposition 65 FAQs).


Individual results may vary. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The statements on this website and all affiliates have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advice on treatment or care of an individual patient should be obtained through consultation with a trained health care practitioner.

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